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PaysafeCard Casinos Review 2021

PaysafeCard is one of the most popular casino payment method that you can get to use for your real money gaming. Therefore, you can virtually get to find it at any casino online. The fact that is quite easy to use helps it to be able to stand out from the rest. On top of that, you can get to use their mobile app for your payments as well. This guide is going to be giving you the basics on how you can get to use this method as part of your payment methods at Robin Roo.

Making a PaysafeCard Deposits

Making your PaysafeCard deposit with Robin Roo is quite simple and straightforward. The process is not as complicated and is just the same as what you would do when you make your payments using other credit and debit card methods. The 5 easy steps that you will need to follow include the following:

Step One

The first thing you will need to do is get a PaysafeCard code that you8 can easily find free of charge on their website or their application.

Step Two

Go to the cashiers and make your deposit. Upon clicking the deposit option, the cashier will give you the different options that you intent to use with PaysafeCard being a part of them.

Step Three

Enter Code and Amount. You can therefore go ahead and enter the code and the amount that you would want to deposit.

Step Four

The fifth step is quite simple and straight forward. You can now go ahead and start your real money gaming. If you are suing the same currency, the payment process will not require any fees.

Making Your PaysafeCard Withdrawal

The withdrawal process is quite straight forward as well. This can be divided into 4 easy steps which are the following.

Step One

The first step will have to be registering on their site. This will in turn help you in tracking the codes that you will be using. And, to avoid future problems, then you will have to make sure that the information that you pick is in agreement with that on our casino KYC questions.

Step Two

Just like making the deposit, the cashier will give you options that you can pick from. Pick the PaysafeCard method.

Step Three

You will not have to be charged for your withdrawals as well. So enter the amount that you intend to withdraw and wait for the casino to approve.