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Play French Roulette at Robin Roo

At Robin Roo online casino, we have various French Roulette tables for various player bets. Simply choose the version you want from the plethora of roulette games on offer. French roulette has a low house edge of 1.35%, which makes it one of the best roulette versions, next to American and European.

How to Play French Roulette

Step 1 

Grasp names like orphelins and voisins du zero. It uses various terms for even/odd (pair/impair) and 1 to18/19 to 36 (manque/passe). The 1.35% house edge is valuable going for.

Step 2

Bet first. From those red/black or pair/impair, to demanding bets on individual numbers, there different ways to score a French roulette payout. The size of bets, types of bets, and line bet, are key to controlling your bankroll.

Step 3

With French roulette online, all you need is to place bets and hit spin. If ready, click Spin.

Step 4

Online French variations have payouts and losses handled automatically. Therefore, assess your bankroll and stop play when losing continuously.

Rules of French Roulette

French roulette has en prison rules and also a la partage rule. They change outside bets resolvings when a zero appears.

En prison simply means outside bet gets "jailed" on the table for one more spin when zero lands. Another zero is another bet loss.

La Partage simply means 'the share'. If zero occurs, half of the outside is lost. The rest goes to another bet on the next spin.

French Roulette Call Bets

Voisins du Zero means 'neighbors of zero' stating 17 numbers on the wheel from 22 rounds to 25. Zero is on the center with all this range of "neighbours".

Tiers du Cylindre means 'thirds of the wheel' showing a specific third at the bottom of the wheel. Betting group numbers go from 33 to 27.

Orphelins means 'orphans', referring to two small segments with eight numbers. These numbers are leftover from Voisins du Zero and Tiers du Cylindre groups. 17, 34, and 6 are on one side while 9, 31, 14, 20, and 1 are on the other.

Mobile roulette play

Its compact table setup makes it exhilarating on mobile devices. Our casino is designed in the latest HTML5 technology. Because of that, you can easily play French Roulette on any mobile device.

Great Strategy Tips

  • Study special rules before play. French language is Rules need to be grasped. Please get familiar with the game before you play.
  • La partage or en prison? These two are different. Therefore, choose your preference.
  • Look out for streaks. Each spin is independent, meaning the outcome of the last spin does not affect the However, some bet with or against streaks.
  • Be aware of well-known strategies bankrupt. Martingale system is good in However, they are costly.
  • Also, be aware of things like blaise pascal, announced bets, column bet, adjacent numbers, as well as other real money bets.